Zamislimo zadovoljan tim koji gradi uspješne projekte, ugledan brand koji osvaja priznanja, povjerenje klijenata, jasno definirane ciljeve i dobre odnose s javnostima.

Zamislimo i zajedno ostvarimo!


Congress of self-employed women entrepreneurS

Spending lovely day at the Congress of self-employed women entrepreneurs, the inovative project  intended for strengthening and support female entrepreneurship in Croatia. Presenting the First virtual women's entrepreneurship center as a powerful platform for better connectivity and prosperity of women entrepreneurship, Congress will continue to maintain in the coming years.


Great to be a part of the 9th week of psychology in Croatia on conference: Contribution of psychology and psychologist in the economic development. Enjoyed in discussion and interesting topics that gives some insight about new trends.Better cohesiveness and importance of motivation and well­ being of employed was the main topic of this conference in Croatian chamber of Economy.


Science is fun!
That's why dear Professor Balthazar invites you all to visit Znanstveni Piknik in Zagreb, (Science Picnic) - a place where science easily becomes art and fun.
Join us during two exciting days in one of most innovative science communication projects composed of series of interesting lectures, presentations and workshops. Enjoy interesting educational and interactive programs and events.

Wish you so much fun! See you there :)
Yours truly, Professor Balthazar!
See more at: www.ZnanstveniPiknik.com

More ideja visiting Red noses - clowndoctors

Smile can heal, encourage and make every situation a little brighter! Spending lovely inspiring time visiting Red noses - clowndoctors, who are able to turn every tear into smiles and bring happiness and color into the hospitals. You can also become friends of Red noses and help them in their vision to bring even more smile and despite illness and worry bring joy and spark of happiness on people's faces.


More ideja kao mali vrt optimizma

More ideja u Plavom uredu - centru za poduzetništvo!

Naša priča i neka razmišljanja...



Wherever you are enjoy in Summertime!

Ideas are everywhere around us! If we are open to feel, wonder, notice and enjoy life!


Innovation and new ideas move the world forward! Enjoy to be a part of conference Women and inovation with special guest Dr. Rosemary Francis from St John's Innovation Centre Cambridge who generously shared her story and experience to encourage and support women innovators in Croatian Chamber of Economy!


Dare to be good? Make a difference. Change the world!
Happy to launch new concept campaign PR for GOOD - Dare to be good! Passionately committed to mission that promotes PR as great force for Good! Force that have a strength to inspire, share optimism, changing perceptions and encourages positive changes!

More ideja 3 years with you!

They said that first three is most important! Thank you for all your love and support those 3 years! You are the main reason we always go on with optimism in this great adventure!

Yours truly, More ideja!

Dream Big!

Snagom vjere i optimizma možemo pokrenuti More dobrih promjena!

Povodom trećeg rođendana Mora ideja dozvolite da se predstavimo. U elektronskom izdanju Privrednog vjesnika pročitajte ponešto o našoj priči, putovanju i snovima za budućnost.


Lovely inspiring day at the conference Day of creative women, dedicated to celebrate, encourage and support women's entrepreneurship in Croatian Chamber of Economy


Moment for you - by more ideja

Little inspiration for beautiful day!


Enjoy the moment because life is beautiful!



Salicaphoto by

Bernays Masterclass with anne bernays

Lovely evenining on Bernays Masterclass with special guest Anne Bernays novelist, editor and daughter of Edward Bernays known as „father of Public relations“. Stories about life and family memories about her father make this evening special and interesting journey through time. Great way to celebrate first universary of Edward Bernays college of communication management and honoured to share some lovely moments with special guests.



Share optimism
Intervju posao.hr


We believe promo
Nagrada na koju smo ponosni


Podrška akciji Najljepše dječje bajke



Promocija projekta Homsyland


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